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1st Annual RAMI Awards Winners

Alternative - Pinewood Box
Bassist - Tony Christianson - Sarkoma
Bluegrass/Folk - Second Sunday
Blues Band - The Wristers
Classic Rock - Bare Bones
Composer of the Year - Brent Shelton - Essie Ecks
Country - Mercury
Drummer - Mike Bunjan - Essie Ecks
Guitarist - Denny Davis - Shooter
Keyboardist - Scary - Pinewood Box
Light Person - Bruce Hammond - Killer Clam Productions
Manager/Agent - Barry Greenwood - Shooter
Metal Band - RIPT
Pop Band - Essie Ecks
Sound Person - Dave Hedden - Killer Clam Productions
Sound Person - Paul Edler - Killer Clam Productions
Vocalist - J.R. Mancillias - Shooter

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