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31st Annual RAMI Awards Winners

Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover - Danny Grams
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original - The Lone Canary
Blues - Harpo's Review
Classic Rock/Retro (covers) - The OGMC
Contemporary Rock - Sterotype
Country/Bluegrass - Blue Steel
Critic's Choice - Album of the Year - Big Cubic Inch - Big Cubic Inch
Critic's Choice - Composer - Scott Ford & Dan Janssen - Big Cubic Inch
Critic's Choice - Song of the Year - Me For You - Big Cubic Inch
Female Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country - Leanne Leonard - Minimal
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover - Killborn
Hard Rock/Metal - Original - MASTER PLAN
Indie/Alternative - Law & Love
Lighting Technician - Alex Colombi
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country - Brian Taylor - AudioDrive/Distilled
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country - Refat Hasankolli - Killborn/Rooster
Music Teacher: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Pop/Rock) - Michael R. Kelly
Music Teacher: Strings, Horns, Vocals (Jazz/Classical) - Ken Stein
Original Music Performance - Rock, Pop, Country, Funk/R&B - Solar
People's Choice - Artist of the Year - From Ashes to Embers
People's Choice - Radio Station - 104.9 WXRX
People's Choice - Special Event - Old Settlers Days
People's Choice - Venue - Apollo Theatre
Recording Studio - Wolves Home Productions
Stage Manager - Gregg DeCarlo
Studio Sound Engineer - Scott Ford - Evil Twin Recording
Tribute Band - Flannel Daze

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