26th RAMI Ballot Nominations Notice

The 26th Annual RAMI Awards Final Ballot

Voting will open February 12th, 2017 and conclude on March 18th, 2017.  

Congratulations to all those selected for inclusion on this years ballot.

Please note: In the People's Choice categories Artist of the Year, Favorite Venue, Radio Station, and Special Event, if you do not see a name on the ballot in those categories then a nomination was not received for them.

26th Annual RAMI Awards Nominees

Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover: Chip Messiner
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover: Lone Canary
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover: Mike Labay
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover: Paper Airplane
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover: Three Good Men
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original: Curt Lewis
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original: Derek Luttrell
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original: Emily Hurd
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original: Kelly Steward
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original: Paul Bronson
Artist of the Year: Amperage
Artist of the Year: Back Country Roads
Artist of the Year: Courtney Davies and The Southern Charm Band
Artist of the Year: Huguenin
Artist of the Year: Love & Thunder
Artist of the Year: Minimal
Artist of the Year: On My Six
Artist of the Year: Prowler
Artist of the Year: Pulse18
Artist of the Year: Shifty Shafer
Artist of the Year: Sunset Strip
Artist of the Year: Sweet Lucy
Artist of the Year: The Gilligans
Artist of the Year: Valarella
Artist of the Year: Valarie and Char Browne
Blues: Barstool Bob Blues Band
Blues: Catfish Bernie Meise
Blues: Dan Phelps
Blues: Harpo's Review
Blues: Justin "Boots" Gates
Christian/Gospel: Carl Hanserd and Friends
Christian/Gospel: Here and Now (St. Mark Lutheran Church Praise Band)
Christian/Gospel: Paul Hieser
Christian/Gospel: Stan Riley
Christian/Gospel: Tania Nicholson
Classic Rock/Retro: Bun E Carlos Monday Night Band
Classic Rock/Retro: Pablo & the Rhythmix
Classic Rock/Retro: Shifty Shafer
Classic Rock/Retro: The Crave
Classic Rock/Retro: The Sensations
Country/Bluegrass: Back Country Roads
Country/Bluegrass: Courtney Davies and the Southern Charm Band
Country/Bluegrass: Love and Thunder
Country/Bluegrass: Olivia Dvorak
Country/Bluegrass: Rollin' Whiskey
Country/Bluegrass: Whoa Nellie
Favorite Venue: Apollo Theatre
Favorite Venue: Casey's Pub
Favorite Venue: Mary's Place
Favorite Venue: Rock-A-Bago Hall
Favorite Venue: Shooter's East
Favorite Venue: Shooter's North
Favorite Venue: Splitters
Favorite Venue: Whiskey's Roadhouse
Female Vocalist; Jazz, Funk/R&B: Amy Nickel - Missing Links, Paper Airplane
Female Vocalist; Jazz, Funk/R&B: Beth Ann Beal
Female Vocalist; Jazz, Funk/R&B: Jessica Bruneni - Can't Touch This
Female Vocalist; Jazz, Funk/R&B: Jodi Beach
Female Vocalist; Jazz, Funk/R&B: Melissa Ridgeway - Sweet Lucy, Gilligans
Female Vocalist; Rock, Pop, Country: Emily Hurd - Singer/Songwriter
Female Vocalist; Rock, Pop, Country: Gina Meeks - Men of Our Times
Female Vocalist; Rock, Pop, Country: Holland Zander - The Sensations
Female Vocalist; Rock, Pop, Country: Jill Jett - Sunset Strip
Female Vocalist; Rock, Pop, Country: Stephanie Castillo - Radio Stars
Funk/R&B: Can't Touch This
Funk/R&B: Cookie and the Real Deal
Funk/R&B: Mirror Image
Funk/R&B: Soul Review
Funk/R&B: The RED & Play Ray Players
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover: Amperage
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover: Killbourn
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover: Point Zero 8
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover: Prowler
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover: Rat Baxter
Hard Rock/Metal - Original: 99 Proof Devils
Hard Rock/Metal - Original: Bareknuckle Bullseye
Hard Rock/Metal - Original: Beyond Threshold
Hard Rock/Metal - Original: MODiFiRE
Hard Rock/Metal - Original: On My Six
Indie/Alternative: King of the Demons
Indie/Alternative: Law and Love
Indie/Alternative: Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts
Indie/Alternative: Starlite Radio
Indie/Alternative: Taboo Blah Blah
Indie/Alternative: Tentacles Everywhere
Lighting Technician: Dave Timm
Lighting Technician: James Henriksen
Lighting Technician: Jason Heiden
Lighting Technician: Laura Walton
Lighting Technician: Steve Knaack
Lighting Technician: Zach Corp
Live Sound Engineer: Bill Houtcamp
Live Sound Engineer: Chelsee Lewis - Sunset Strip
Live Sound Engineer: Colin Edmison - Sound Vizion
Live Sound Engineer: Gene Fisher
Live Sound Engineer: Russ Kutak
Live Sound Engineer: Troy Oakley - Audio Drive/Sound Vizion
Male Vocalist: Jazz, Funk/R&B: Arik Jenkins - Can't Touch This
Male Vocalist: Jazz, Funk/R&B: Brian Hanserd - Too Deep
Male Vocalist: Jazz, Funk/R&B: Dan Eisman - Missing Links
Male Vocalist: Jazz, Funk/R&B: Scott Herrmann - Mr. Big Stuff
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country: Brian Taylor - Power Trip
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country: Dan Currington - AudioDrive
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country: Mike LaBay - Pulse 18
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country: Miles Nielsen - The Rusted Hearts"
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country: Pat Doherty - Men of Our Times
Male Vocalist: Rock, Pop, Country: Zack DeCarlo - Minimal
Music Teacher: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Pop/Rock): Bob DeVita
Music Teacher: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Pop/Rock): Greg Whitson
Music Teacher: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Pop/Rock): Jill Tartaglia
Music Teacher: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Pop/Rock): Micky Rosenquist
Music Teacher: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Pop/Rock): Rick Pemberton
Music Teacher: Strings, Horns, Vocals (Jazz/Classical): Brian Doering
Music Teacher: Strings, Horns, Vocals (Jazz/Classical): Joel Ross
Music Teacher: Strings, Horns, Vocals (Jazz/Classical):    Marti Bein
Music Teacher: Strings, Horns, Vocals (Jazz/Classical):    Rachel Handlin
Music Teacher: Strings, Horns, Vocals (Jazz/Classical):    Rick Durango
Pop: Minimal
Pop: Prime Time Live
Pop: Radio Stars
Pop: The Gilligans
Pop: The Stevee Nix
Radio Station: 102.3 The Coyote
Radio Station: 104.9 The X
Radio Station: 96.7 The Eagle
Radio Station: Adrenaline 101 Radio
Rap/Hip Hop: Artoffact & Uno
Rap/Hip Hop: Roe Royal
Rap/Hip Hop: The Last Wordbender
Rap/Hip Hop: Xen
Recording Studio: Gray Angel Productions
Recording Studio: Midwest Sound
Recording Studio: PlayRay Productions
Recording Studio: Superstrings Studio
Recording Studio: Vibehouse Productions
Rockabilly: Dirty Fishnet Stockings
Rockabilly: Fresh Hot Fritters
Rockabilly: Swingbilly RFD
Special Event: Byronfest
Special Event: Cherry Valley Days
Special Event: GAPSTOCK
Special Event: Kiwani's Brat Days
Special Event: Old Settler's Days
Special Event: Young at Heart
Stage Hand/Rigger: Alex Columbi
Stage Hand/Rigger: Bruce Woodrow
Stage Hand/Rigger: Jake Calhoun
Stage Hand/Rigger: Jamie Veldman
Stage Hand/Rigger: Mike Peterson
Stage Hand/Rigger: Rick Abrams
Stage Manager: Chris Smith - Coronado Theater
Stage Manager: Eddy Mende
Stage Manager: Laurie Oliver - RDC, Artists Ensemble
Stage Manager: Mark Ingraham - Shifty Shafer
Stage Manager: Scotty Von Blazin
Studio Sound Engineer: Daniel James McMahon (Midwest Sound
Studio Sound Engineer: David Hogan (Gray Angel Productions)
Studio Sound Engineer: Greg Larson (Gray Angel Productions)
Studio Sound Engineer: Larry Williams (Wolfs Den)
Studio Sound Engineer: Mossy Vaughn (Midwest Sound)
Studio Sound Engineer: TJ Belt (Gray Angel Productions)
Traditional Jazz: Firelight Dimmers
Traditional Jazz: Frank Calvagna
Traditional Jazz: Groove Hotel
Traditional Jazz: Little Big Band
Traditional Jazz: Mary J Harris
Tribute Band: Power Trip
Tribute Band: Sunset Strip
Tribute Band: Tattoo You
Tribute Band: Totally 80's
Tribute Band: Trinadora


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