Sarah Anderson RAMI Young Music Scholarship Winner

Sarah Anderson Receives a RAMI Young Music Scholarship to the Music Academy in Rockford

The RAMI's presented a RAMI Young Artist Music Scholarship to the Music Academy in Rockford to Sarah Pearl Anderson. 

Sarah was born deaf in an orphanage in China.  After coming to Rockford to live with her adoptive family, a local doctor donated his services to perform surgery on Sarah when she was a toddler that restored her hearing.  Her doctor recommended Sarah to the Music Academy believing that learning the violin would help her refine her hearing and speech skills.  

The RAMI's are honored to help be a part of Sarah’s future music education and have awarded her the scholarship to help cover the cost of a year of tuition at the Music Academy.  In the spirit of the founder of the RAMI’s, Gary Wilmer, the RAMI’s continue to strive to support music scholarship and education programs in the Rockford and surrounding area.  For more information on RAMI programs.

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