Strum Bowing Method Workshop with Tracy Silverman

Contrary to popular belief, string players can swing, they can groove, and they can rock out. The old refrain, “strings can’t swing”, may be our past, but it doesn’t have to be our future. String players can be just as effective in a rhythm section as a guitar player. In fact, strings can easily hold down a groove without any rhythm section at all, as fiddle players and string bands can attest.

Join Tracy Silverman for the Strum Bowing Workshop at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 in the Sanctuary at First Lutheran Church, 225 S 3rd Street, Rockford, IL.

For information on Tracy Silverman and The Strum Bowing Method visit and

Open to all ages. Admission: Free (ticket required)

Check out Tracy here on YouTube:

Led Zepplin Medley

Stevie Wonder: I Wish

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