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Doug Stivers / The Little Man In Black

Country / Bluegrass

Doug Stivers

Doug has been seen in the Northern Illinois/ Southern Wisconsin music scene for over 30 years. Seen in his creations the band's The Country Outlaws, 5 ta 1, and Second Wind, his taste has always been country music and little old time rock and roll. After a bout with cancer he took a break from the scene to reorganize where his path would lead. Hes been seen  with his Little Man In Black show at several venues including the ICONS Road Show at the Concerts on the Creek, The Rockford Listening Room, and the Belvidere Moose Lodge to name a few. His love of Johnny Cash and classic country music drives him to bring back the "3 cords and a story" back to the Rockford and surrounding area music venues. With songs and stories of Johnny and the country artist of the past, he relives in his shows the music and songs of yesteryear to bring them back to the forefront of today.

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