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Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton
Bed I Made - Allen Stone

Riley Sanders

Redwood is a local Rockford IL acoustic band. We play everything from Classic rock hits to modern pop songs and comprised of Riley Sanders (Guitar, Vocals) and Cassidy Campbell (Vocals). We do everything from local venues to private and corporate events. Redwood was Josef's weekly recurring act for a period of time before they shut down and we are looking for dates to fill out the rest of t 2023! Feel free to reach out via any of the listed methods and we would be more than happy to discuss shows even on short notice. 


You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube under @RedwoodRockford

Redwood Events

06/16/23 - Redwood @ Rockford City Market @ Rockford City Market
08/18/23 - Redwood @ Verdi Club @ Verdi Club
10/07/23 - Redwood Opens for Manda Miller @ Rock-a-Bago Hall

PO Box 4128, Rockford, IL 61110
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