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33rd Annual RAMI Awards Winners

Acoustic Rock/Folk - Cover - Danny Grams
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original - Acoustic Millennium Band
Acoustic Rock/Folk - Original - Acoustic Millennium Band
Album of the Year - Solar - First Light
Blues - Harpo's Revue
Classic Rock/Retro (Covers) - STEREOtype
Classical Instrumentalist - Rachel Handlin
Composer of the Year - Curt Lewis
Country/Bluegrass - BLUE STEEL
DJ - Jim Thomas
Female Vocalist: Jazz/Funk/R&B - Jodi Beach
Female Vocalist: Rock/Pop/Country - Stephanie Jennings - Solar
Funk/R&B - Random AF Band
Hard Rock/Metal - Cover - Dead Man's Hand
Hard Rock/Metal - Original - Modifire
HOF Legacy Artist of the Year - Pistol Pete
Indie/Alternative - Law and Love
Jazz - Groove Hotel
Lighting Technician - Todd Drager
Live Sound Engineer - Larry Williams
Male Vocalist: Jazz/Funk/R&B - Vince Chiarelli
Male Vocalist: Rock/Pop/Country - Danny Grams - Stereotype
Music Teacher: Guitar/Percussion/Vocals (Pop/Rock) - Dee Jackson - Dee String Guitar Lessons
Music Teacher: Strings/Horns/Vocals (Jazz/Classical) - Jill Moth
Original Music Performance - Rock/Pop/Country/Funk/R&B - Nauti-Nauti
People's Choice - Artist of the Year - Random AF
People's Choice - Radio Station - WXRX
People's Choice - Special Event - Rockford City Market
People's Choice - Venue - Shattered Saloon
Pop - Nauti-Nauti
Recording Studio - Wolves Home Productions
Song of the Year - Strained - Solar
Stage Hand/Rigger - Ed "Fast Eddy" Verkulian
Stage Manager - Jonathan "Twinky" Sutherland
Studio Sound Engineer - Scott Ford
Swing/Rockabilly - Swingbilly RFD
Tribute Band - Flannel Daze

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